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(2 min read) From YouTube to Instagram to Twitter/X, here’s how Creators make a living on every platform.

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If you’ve been reading Creator Logic for a while, you know there are quite a few ways Creators can make money.

That said, every platform has a usual way that (probably) most of its Creators on it monetize…and for your benefit, here’s what I think they are:

YouTube - Advertising (AdSense) 

For most YouTube Creators with reasonable scale, ad revshare is the bread-and-butter of their business (or they aspire to make it so). Brand deals are inconsistent and long-form content requires a ton of effort that takes attention away from other monetization opportunities, so YouTube-focused Creators are all about the passive ad revenue generated by their videos.  

Instagram - Brand deals

Brands pay through the nose for influencer marketing on Insta because the platform is so visual - it’s a spectacular place to make products look very desirable. Microinfluencers, especially those in lifestyle categories, can make six figures annually off brand deals on Instagram.

TikTok - Brand deals

While TikTok's Creativity Program does pay Creators “like if you’re on YouTube”, brand deals are the bread and butter for most TikTokkers. If TikTok Shop succeeds, this trend will only grow, as brands will look to market on-platform products through on-platform Creators and will offer cash to do so. Of course, if TikTok is banned in the US (highly unlikely, but not impossible), monetization won’t be a concern.

Twitch - Subscriptions

The churn rate on Twitch subscriptions is very high from month to month, as user behavior on the platform is to casually sub and unsub depending on what a Creator does in a given day. Sick and missed a stream? You just lost half your subs. It’s not the “reliable” income promised by other membership platforms like Patreon. Still, it’s more lucrative than their ad revshare program, and available to many more Creators.

Facebook - Advertising (video)

Facebook does have a limited revshare program, focused on video. For Creators whose content appeals to the audiences that are most engaged on Facebook, these programs can be very lucrative! For everyone else, there isn't much money to be made on Facebook, as brands don't really market there and external links don't get great reach.

Snapchat  - Advertising

Snap has several ad revshare programs that can be quite lucrative...if you can get access to them. You need to know the right folks to pitch shows for Discover or get access to Snap Stars’ story monetization. If you do, and you have an engaged audience on the platform, you can make a LOT of money. 

Twitter/X -🤷‍♂️...jk, it's selling high-price products and services

Twitter's revshare program isn't accessible or reliable, and brands rarely do lucrative Twitter campaigns anymore (though they often include tweets in briefs focused on other platforms). Many Creators that swear by Twitter sell products and services that cost thousands of dollars - like memberships, courses, and coaching - and have found engaged potential customers on Twitter.

Reddit - OnlyFans

I’m only half joking. Reddit's monetization options are basically non-existent, but many OnlyFans Creators are able to generate meaningful revenue by marketing in Reddit's NSFW communities

LinkedIn - Selling high-price B2B services

LinkedIn has an engaged, grown-up audience who either have significant disposable income or control meaningful startup or corporate budgets. Career coaches, fractional executives, growth/marketing consultants, and other B2B solopreneurs do very well here!

What do you think - did I miss anything?


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