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How to Make $150k a Month from Reddit Promotion

(7 min read) Reddit promo tactics, the anti-OnlyFans business model, and how to delight your fans - from #1 Paid OnlyFans Page Creator Mrs Poindexter

Mrs Poindexter

Bring the subscribers in and just try to delight them so they come back the next month.

Crystal and Chris Jackson are not a couple you’d expect on OnlyFans.

Chris is the CEO of a tech company and Crystal is a senior official in Public Health for the State of California. They’re both engineers. They met in a lab at Intel.

One day, I put a picture of her in a bikini on Reddit, just like, “Hey, here's my pretty wife” because I think she's very beautiful.

And everyone's like “Wow, yeah, she's beautiful!”

And then they're like “Post another one!”

…And then they're like, “You should make an OnlyFans!”

And we're like “What's that?”

You know what comes next…

And then in the first month, it made like $15,000.

And then it grew around 30% month after month.

And then COVID hit.

And then OnlyFans really blew up.

Now they’re doing six figures a month in revenue, bringing in the neighborhood moms, and getting featured in People and the New York Post.

Crystal Jackson has an ambitious goal - to be the first OnlyFans model to go mainstream. She’s well on her way:

  • The content she posts is Playboy, not PornHub

  • Her social media presence is PG-13

  • The press loves her

  • She’s got the #1 Most-Liked Paid OnlyFans page.

How’d they get here?

Let’s get into it!


The Business



Redditors are higher IQ than your standard social media people.

Crystal and Chris made their first six - maybe seven - figures as Creators by promoting their OnlyFans on Reddit.

Back before it actually really blew up on social media, we were still making like $150,000 a month just using Reddit…

Reddit’s community is completely different than any other social platform. Authenticity is prized there more than anywhere else.

Do not attempt to game them! If you do, you'll be sorry…but if you're loyal and honest and genuine to them, they’re most loyal audience you can get.

We’ll come back to the specific tactics of Reddit promotion shortly. First…

Most people think of OnlyFans as subscriptions, but that’s not where most Creators make the bulk of their revenue.

Frequently, fans pay for a subscription thinking they’re going to get the good stuff, only to find that they’re only accessing more teaser content.

The content they really want ends up getting sold to them on a transactional basis at a MUCH higher price.

Fans get pissed if you act like a telemarketer.

“Buy me daddy. Tip me, daddy. Unlock this, daddy.”

They hate that.

If you pay a subscription for Netflix, end up only getting access to trailers, and then have to buy each movie you want to watch - wouldn’t you be pissed?

Crystal and Chris’ model is the anti-OF business model.

You come in, you subscribe. It's $15. There are no charges. Tips are not allowed. There is no pay per view.

It’s all-included within the subscription, and it’s working really well.

Most of those people are going to resubscribe because if they're entertained, why wouldn't they?

Our retention rate is around 65% to 70% per month.

That retention rate is fantastic; the benchmark is less than 50%.

The goal is: delight the fan so that they want to subscribe.

Now, if you think of the sustainability of that business model, it's highly sustainable because for $15 - the price of a movie ticket - I get 30 days of enjoyment if I find it entertaining.

Here’s how they approach this “Delight the Fan” philosophy:

  • No upsell, ever - The subscription is really all-inclusive. This is a very different experience than the vast majority of Creators on OnlyFans.

  • Expand the universe - They bring in other moms from the neighborhood; her fans love it, and it’s led to the creation of new IP - “MILF Estates”, which is now the brand of their merch line!

  • Engage for real - They don’t have a team or AI responding to comments. They’re doing themselves, on Reddit, social, and OF.

Though Crystal and Chris grew through Reddit initially, their next wave of growth came from running paid ads.

They did that until they ended up in the press, and that REALLY took them to the moon.

The media was hungry to write these stories.

We let them go, let the dogs loose, and then that month was like $600,000.

I don’t normally recommend press as a driver of sales, but the product they’re offering is one that has clear mass-market appeal.

If you look at the data analytics, what do guys search for online when they're looking for sexy images? MILF is right there at the top.

Along the way, Reddit moderators gave them some advice:

“Get out there right now and lock in your name to all these social platforms or else someone's going to camp on them.”

Today, Instagram and Twitter combine to drive 50% of their business, and they just launched YouTube, TikTok, and Snap in July.

Still, Reddit is their bread and butter, and somehow, these two executives-turned-OnlyFans-Creators are the best in the business (perhaps the entire Creator Economy) at leveraging it to drive revenue.

I’ll leave you with three (3) of their Reddit secrets for your own use:

1) Pay attention to and follow subreddit rules.

Every subreddit has its own unique rules run by the moderator …so if you're going to post to 20 different subreddits, you have to keep in mind the subtle differences.

2) Post a unique piece of content in every subreddit.

You don't want to post the same picture across multiple different subreddits…That tips the Redditors off that you're just spamming marketing, because if I subscribe to MILF channel, I also subscribe to Mature Beauty, right?

3) Use your bio link instead of spamming links to your business.

Redditors’ behavior will be “Oh, I like her. Let me click her username. I want to see more of her.”

And then they'll drop into your user account, and right there at the top of your user account, you'll have the OnlyFans link.

Mrs Poindexter’s Guide to Reddit

Crystal and Chris have put together an incredible PDF document detailing tons of specific tactics needed to successfully make money through Reddit promotion.

It’s written through the lens of OnlyFans, but the tactics can be applied to most any business.

Here’s the table of contents:

They’ve agreed to let me offer it to readers as a reward for referrals!

So - if you can get 3 friends to sign up for Creator Logic, I’ll send you their guide.

Here’s your personal referral link - just send it to a few friends who are interested in the world of Creators, and Mrs Poindexter’s Guide to Reddit will be yours!

The Stack

Membership - OnlyFans + BrandArmy

Chris and Crystal love OnlyFans, both as Creators and as tech leaders.

OnlyFans is the most secure, most verified social media in the world by a long shot.

There are no fake people, no fake fans, no fake accounts, no fake models. The verification you have to go through to become a model is so high - government IDs, real time 3D facial recognition. Once your post is up, it will check - is that really you? And if it's not, it'll be like “Hey, I don't recognize you.”

We know we have fans who would love to spend $1,000.

We know that, and we're like “Sorry, we just want you to have a good time and enjoy the show,” and that's okay.

But those fans do exist, and BrandArmy is an outlet to upgrade.

Now, it's a PG upgrade, but when she has really dedicated fans, they really want to support her.

Content Claiming and Takedowns - Clip Sentry / Takedown Piracy + Ceartas + Ruleta + BrandShield + Fish & Richardson + Perkins & Coie

Crystal and Chris have trademarks for Mrs Poindexter and MILF Estates, and their content gets pirated and stolen and reposted everywhere.

They have an army of law firms and tech companies finding, claiming, and removing, their pirated content.

This is a champagne problem, but champagne is expensive.

Merch - Shopify + Printify (and some Instagram too)

Instagram and Facebook will take the Shopify in and build the store on Instagram, right?

…If she wears this shirt on an Instagram and its AI sees the logo, it'll go "Oh, this sweatshirt is in your store” and it'll give the user a link to the store.

So we do get some money from Instagram.

Link in Bio - NONE

Crystal and Chris are VERY against bio links with link lists on social:

  • They believe Instagram and other platforms quietly suppress profiles with these links (and have firsthand knowledge of a court case about it)

  • They feel that pushing a bio link is overly salesy and signals to fans that you only care about money

We either push them to Reddit, and that's kind of a link-in-bio, or push them to the Shopify.

Banking - Major American bank

Accounting - Mazars USA

Photo - Samsung + Sony FX3 Cinemaline

Samsung is a superior product, two generation ahead of an iPhone in terms of its optics and display…And I know that because my last role was CEO of an advanced optics company, and Samsung was one of our customers.

Chris Jackson

Agency - None

While I think they’d be open to a Hollywood agent, the model of most OnlyFans agencies runs counter to their successful “delight the customer” model.

They’re like…”We'll do it by monetizing the F out of your clients and selling them tons of shit and making them play the tip game.”

I'm like, “Okay, so you screw my business.”

Editing - Splice

Storage - iCloud

Content Posting - Hootsuite

Operations - They are the operations

Honestly, an OnlyFans page should take around an hour or two a day to run…

But if you need to sell a bunch of pay per view, okay, add time.

If you got to MAKE the pay per view, add time.

If you're going to do some kind of tip game, add time…

Until eventually, the girl's at 24 hours a day working, and…eventually the fans are like “I'm burned” and they don't come back.

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