An Update to Creator Logic and SuperLogic

I'm making some changes to avoid burnout, provide more Creator insight to more people, and make the Superlogic tier even more valuable

Creator Logic author, Avi Gandhi

A Quick Update for Readers

After three weeks of writing, a few conversations with readers, and a ton of reflection, I’ve realized 3 things:

  1. I am going to burn out fast if I try to pull 7-15 insights out of every interview and write an essay on each; this is what I have been attempting to do with the current format.

  2. Talking to one Creator every two weeks just isn’t enough variety to keep people (including myself) interested. More creator conversations = more data and insight = more value for readers.

  3. The reason folks are reading is for the unique data - on audience, revenue, business breakdown, and operating stack logic - that comes straight from creators; my insights are icing, not cake.

As a result of these learnings, I’m making the decision to adapt. Going forward, there will be 4 big changes to Creator Logic that I hope will create more value for both readers (you) and the writer (me).

  1. I will publish a new Creator interview every week. You’ll get double the creators, double the data, double the value. I’ll be able to accomplish this fairly easily if I make the following three changes.

  2. The Breakdown (of a Creator’s audience and revenue), along with interesting quotes and observations, will be free in full on Tuesdays.

  3. The Operating Stack (describing the logic behind the tools, platforms, and partners a Creator uses to run their business) will become part of the Superlogic offering on Thursdays, and move behind the $14.99/month membership paywall.

  4. I will use Insights like those I was previously writing for Superlogic and for Thursday newsletters in my LinkedIn posts, as well as in one-off emails here and there. That way, I can write them when inspiration strikes instead of forcing myself to come up with 4+ additional LinkedIn-quality mini-essays each week.

While I will likely share a short excerpt from every Operating Stack to free subscribers going forward, today I’m sharing MaiStoryBook’s full Operating Stack as a reminder of what it is and why it’s worth paying for.

One other bonus for Superlogic subscribers - I’ll be making the Google Sheet where I keep all of The Breakdown data available for view-only access (you can make a copy to play with the data). Over time, this repository of data will become more and more valuable, but even in the short run, being able to refer to the business breakdowns of a variety of creators should be able to inform all kinds of strategy.

If you find it valuable to understand what Creators are using to run their creative businesses and why they pick the tools and partners that they do, please make the investment in Superlogic. These actionable insights on creator decision-making are what every Creator, founder, product manager, marketer, and Creator Economy leader needs.

Depth of Creator understanding is the difference between success and mediocrity in the Creator Economy.

Don’t just take my word for it - subscribe now to get your first month free. You can cancel anytime, but once you get these insights weekly, I guarantee you won’t want to.

Thanks for reading, and keep an eye out for tomorrow’s issue of Creator Logic featuring MaiStoryBook’s Operating Stack!