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[Superlogic] The Value of Being First, Snapchat Monetization, and the Upside of Pinterest with Gigi Robinson

Sometimes being first is enough. Snap is hugely lucrative if you can get past the gatekeepers. You can get 500k views with 85 followers on Pinterest.

It’s pretty wild how much insight you can get from a single Creator conversation. Out of the audience, revenue, and operating stack data I published in Tuesday’s issue, there are TEN (10!) interesting learnings and insights that I was able to pull and analyze. Each of these is the equivalent of a LinkedIn post, so if you find those valuable, you’ll find these valuable as well.

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1. Being first is often enough.

Gigi uses Riverside to record her podcast. This came up because I was using Zencastr, and we talked about which is better. She told me she likes Zencastr a lot, but prefers Riverside, and I asked her why. Her answer was simple but deeply revealing:

I think it's just the first one that I went on that I liked...

There were other reasons:

  • Riverside's Self View isn't off to the side and so doesn't draw gaze away from the camera

  • They've advertised with her

  • They have clip editing features she likes (but doesn't use because she has an editor)

That's to say - the product is good.

But so is Zencastr's, so is Anchor's, so are many others.

The first thing she said was that she used Riverside first...and it seems like that was enough.

Likely, she got used to using it, and then after that, everything else would have just...been different. Why change?

Switching costs are a huge barrier for creators. It takes a LOT of energy and time to move an audience, learn a new platform, get used to new people, etc. And often, time and energy are the two most limited resources creators have.

So what’s the takeaway here?

For creators, my takeaway here is to put in energy into researching and selecting tools and partners, because switching is hard once you're used to something.

For companies, my takeaway here is to focus on creators who WOULD benefit from using a product like yours, but ARE NOT currently using any similar product. It's likely easier to get them to start than to change.

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