8 ways to stay relevant

(2 min read) Eight (8) successful Creators tell us how they stay relevant in a changing Creator Economy.

The one true constant in life is change, and make no mistake - the Creator Economy is changing.

  • Employees are becoming solopreneurs as they lose faith in the stability of jobs and are frustrated with poor management and low compensation

  • AI is disrupting how we produce, discover, and monetize content while threatening to flood platforms with low-quality, high-quantity garbage

  • Legacy platforms are tweaking algorithms, adjusting revenue schemes, and fluctuating on how they prioritize Creators

As we enter 2024 - Happy New Year! - it’s worth reflecting on and planning for how we deal with change.

This week’s issue features eight (8) Creators answering the question: How do you stay relevant in a changing Creator Economy?

Let’s get into it!

How do you stay relevant in a changing Creator Economy?

Work as a Creator like an investment banker works on their work.

I'm sure you have investment banking friends, right? You went to Yale.

They have no problem turning you down for dinner because they have to stay late, right?

We keep on studying what's working, what kind of thumbnails and titles are working, and what - for example - small Creators are doing, like why are they getting views?

For example, a Creator with 1000 subscribers getting 100,000 views. They’re working in a niche where there is a high search volume but not a lot of content - high demand, low supply content.

Research is what is keeping us at our level.

Being authentic. I think that I prioritize a good stand-up clip, like a less frequent good stand-up clip, as opposed to just posting four or five things a week because that's just what works better for me. That's how I connect to people better.

No shade to the people who do four or five clips per week. In fact, that's what everyone tells you to do. That's how you develop an audience the fastest. It just doesn't feel authentic to me.

I guess it’s more like “How do you make it entertaining day after day?”

Because that's more the struggle.

I think you stay relevant by growing, evolving, and just trying new things. Doing what people won't do.

Just keeping an eye on what the biggest people are doing, what the biggest Creators are doing - and not just on YouTube, I'm saying on any platform. Seeing what Netflix, Hulu, all the streaming services see, what's doing the best, what's relevant, what do people care about.

Also, what do the kids care about. Kids love using the word “riz” nowadays, so staying in tune with Gen Alpha or whatever they're called now, like the young kids in high school.

By constantly being on top of things and making sure that I'm evolving with the times.

For example, if I'm a little bit more concerned about Twitch's future, now I have to position myself to create more YouTube content and more TikTok content.

Not being stuck in your ways and being flexible to move as quickly as you possibly can because things can change real fast.

Evolving with trends, evolving with the internet's interests. As an artist, don't ever be afraid of new technology.

A lot of artists are like, “Oh, AI is so scary. It's gonna steal our job.”

And I'm like, “No, it's a tool.”

I think it's so easy to get lost in the past.

If you keep evolving, you'll never become irrelevant.

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