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  • [The Stack Excerpt] OnlyFans Optimization: A Next-Level Advantage

[The Stack Excerpt] OnlyFans Optimization: A Next-Level Advantage

Hacking to build community management, streamlined chat logs, and automated content delivery

Here’s your weekly excerpt from The Stack, featuring this week’s guest, OnlyFans’ #1 Creator, Bryce Adams!

Community and Content Management - Proprietary Software

Bryce and Jay’s team has built a sophisticated community management toolset that enables a small team of 5 people to manage tens of thousands of fans through a revenue-generation funnel at any given time.

And they did it - again - by “hacking” OnlyFans, which has no outlet to enable this sort of sophistication, not even an API.

This is the sort of thing you usually see in e-commerce businesses; they’re taking the same principles and tools and applying them to the adult Creator space, to great effect.

We have an entire chatting system. It pulls up the entire chat log history which, trust me, is a big deal because OnlyFans takes a long time to load. It pulls it up in a second.

We have presets, so if you just came on the page, we might have an intro message that we can just click a button make sure it applies. You know, do a couple little tweaks, make sure it applies, because we always want to authentically be answering each individual thing.

It has all of our content uploaded, with inventory, with their own unique inventory SKUs, all searchable. So if you're talking about how you love chairs, I can say “chairs” and it'll bring up the 18 videos that have the word “chair” in the description. I click on this one because it makes the most sense. and it automatically uploads the sales pitch, the price, the media locks it, and I just hit the send button and then it tracks it once it is purchased - so it adds that person to exclusion list.

So we never spam fans with the same offer twice. We have some streaming tech that brings in streams from three pages into one central place so we can manage comments, tips, etc. We can connect to Wifi controlled devices in the room and connect that to fans’ tips and commands…Again, basic stuff you've seen on Twitch. It's just that's there’s zero to be found in this industry. We have auto-fulfillers - if someone sends a keyword in the DM, it'll respond with whatever we want to respond with when we’re running promotions or we want to give out free stuff to people who are engaged on the page.

The Stack

In the rest of The Stack for Bryce Adams, we go deep on:

  • The capabilities of “The Tool”, their proprietary analytics and community management platform

  • How the OnlyFans agency system works and why they are building for themselves

  • The composition and philosophical approach of their team

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