Creators' #1 Tool to Save Time and Money

(2 minute read) Notion, ChatGPT, iPhone...Notes? Some expected and some unexpected responses from previous Creator Logic guests.

My whole household has COVID this week, including our 3-month old. As a result, I haven’t been able to draft a full interview. Instead, I’ve compiled for you a number of the better responses to a question I ask every guest:

What’s your #1 tool to save time and money?

It’s a quick read this week, but we’ll be back next week with a full Creator interview.

Let’s get into it!

What’s your #1 tool to save time and money?

I would say Notes on my iPhone. Every single thing I do is in there, like video ideas, my workout programs.

My wife thinks I'm a crazy person because every single day, I put down what I'm going to do for that day, and I start with:

“Coffee, Poop, Hot Tub, Gym”.

And she's like: “You do the exact same thing every single day! You really think you're going to forget to poop because you didn't put in the phone?”

I'm like: “You don't understand, you don't understand, I can't think straight unless it's in Notes.”

So if somebody ever stole my phone, they would know everything about my life from the Notes app.

Discord. I hate to say it because it's a time sink for so many, but for me, Discord is the best thing. I can catch up on a lot of things very quickly that I can't catch up on via email or Twitter. Discord can be the highlights of everything that I may have missed over the hours that I was sleeping.

ChatGPT…I suck at writing, that's why I make videos. Whenever I have to write a social media post, it's like getting blood from a stone so ChatGPT just speeds it up exponentially.

Oh my gosh, can I say my co-founders? My teammates? Is that a tool?

It's a tough tie between Notion and SavvyCal because truly SavvyCal is basically my virtual assistant when it comes to scheduling. I put in a little bit of work up front to set rules on when people can and can't schedule with me, and as long as I only book by sending that link, or using someone else's scheduling link and using my own rules, then my days look the way that I want them to look and that saves me a lot of time.

As far as saving me money, I'm more about time savings than money savings at this point, and that's the biggest time savings.

Having this custom Notion build out to control everything in my business because there are so many different aspects of it, that's been really really powerful as well. And that's gotten just better and better over the last six months.

Well, it probably would be my iPhone if we're really getting into that.

But I need a lot more tools to save me more time and money.

ChatGPT-4. The best tool ever for content creators.

Zapier, 100% Zapier. Oh my God, without that, we'd be where?

Zapier helps you connect all of your softwares. Something happens in Place A, BOOM! All of a sudden stuff happens in Place B, which then makes it so you don't have to go in and do that thing.

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