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Greg Preece's funnel for selling big-ticket consulting packages!

Give your customer one thing to do, make your products available globally, and meet your audience where they are.

Greg Preece

In today’s Operating Stack, we learn about the various tools Greg Preece uses to build his funnel for selling multi-thousand-dollar consulting packages.

I'm a believer that you've got to meet your audience where they are. My target customer is 40-plus entrepreneurs. They're probably not using Discord. They probably don't want to download Circle or any other separate app or create an account. They're already on Facebook and they're probably going on there every day. It seemed like the best place.

As a reminder, Greg is a long-time YouTube creator who’s built a successful YouTube strategy agency by leveraging YouTube and LinkedIn.

Greg’s funnel for his agency business uses a set of connected, automated tools. The steps can be broken down very simply:

  • Social content drives to landing pages

  • Landing pages collect emails in exchange for free educational PDFs

  • Email addresses are automatically sent to an email automation platform

  • Email automation platform automatically sends educational/marketing emails to prospective customers with community (Facebook) and booking links

  • Customers book YouTube strategy consulting through a payment link

  • Payment link then automatically sends them to a calendar booking

  • Calendar booking sends them a call link

In today's Operating Stack, we break down Greg's funnel, the various tools he uses, and why he prefers:

Some additional takeaways include:

  • Posting natively to social platforms lets you adapt to the nuances of each platform; using a multi-platform post scheduler makes your content generic

  • Give your customer just one thing to do

  • Free trials matter to creators

  • Meet your audience where they are

Let’s get into it!

The Operating Stack

Funnel Tools

Website / Landing Pages -

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