With Free Money, Who Would Creators Hire?

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This week, I’m compiling responses to a question I frequently ask Creators - “With free money, who would you hire?”

Next week, I’ll reveal what many Creators see as “the biggest risk” to their businesses.

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With free money, who would you hire?

I would probably continue hiring on the video side. It's it's still quite an investment at this point, because I don't make much direct revenue from video yet. We became a YouTube Partner in December, we have small amounts of AdSense coming in now and yes, we are starting to sell advertising directly on the videos, but it's going to be a while until that breaks even. That being said, I'm so bullish on the upside opportunity of creating a big catalog of really great video content and the bottleneck is video editing capacity. So I'd probably continue to invest in more editors. We'd probably invest in more iterations of thumbnails to test things even more rigorously. That's probably where to put it.

I would love to steal an editor from Mr. Beast's team. I don't even care if it's his right hand guy or like the guy on the bottom of the totem pole. I just would love somebody to come here and be like “Well that's how MrBeast does it” or “This is what we learned while we were working for MrBeast.”

I think we make great content. I think we edit it really well. But there is a style of editing that MrBeast has, and Airrack, and a couple of these other Creators have figured out. It really targets that like ADHD style of telling the story that Gen Z loves… like I love Trahan because for my boomer brain, it unfolds over a nice arc, but that's not necessarily what works on YouTube. I mean, it works for them, but MrBeast has said this before: he feels like he misses out on being able to tell a great story because he has to be action, action, action, action, action and I'd love to find a nice hybrid between the storytelling of Trahan and the action of MrBeast.

Someone who could replace one of us, like a really really killer ops person. We have some really good ones, but like someone who's on the next level would probably help quite a bit. We have the money. It's just a matter of like - we don't have the skill or time to find them and hire them.

I need a real personal assistant who will literally follow me around the house and do absolutely everything I ask them to. That would be great.

Yeah, with free money, I would definitely bring in a production crew and do a bunch of shoots.

I'd hire someone to hire other people. Yeah, if we had an unlimited budget, I'd say, get me the best person who can help me find the best people.

Like, "Hey, we're trying to build a community. Go find the best person to build communities around paid products." We want to bring that person in, we want to hire that person for consulting. "Oh, we need email nurturing. We want to go find the best person to bring in."

But going through applications and making heads or tails of the different offers and what the person's doing, and understanding their strategy is just like... mind-blowingly difficult, at least for us.

Yeah, can't wait to offload that. Cannot wait.

I would love to get a producer. Like, I know Mr. Beast is so glorified, but whoever his producer is - getting someone who has access to being able to, you know, rent out SoFi Stadium and stuff like that, would be amazing. To have someone who can just arrange things really quickly and easily for you.

Now it would be a Social Media Manager. Someone just to look through every post and knock out all the scammers that flood in….I'll look at the likes and I'll see 50 scam accounts liking, liking, because they're trying to catfish the guy in, right? And I go in and knock them out.

Elon Musk.

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