TikTok to Instagram growth in 3 steps

(6 min read) Instagram followers are worth more $$$$ than TikTok followers. Featuring Linktree, Instagram Broadcast, Spring, Jellysmack, Capcut, and Whalar

Emmanuel Duverneau

Although I am a business, I'm a businessman as well.

Emmanuel Duverneau is a grown up.

He’s held corporate jobs, done door-to-door sales, and even built and ran his own solar company.

Now he’s applying everything he’s learned to building a business as…a food content creator!

Let’s get into it!


The Business



Emmanuel invests time and effort into six (6) different social platforms, but is only currently making money from three (3) of them.

My goal is to create the best content, but also share on all platforms because that's what I do for a living. I don't really leave any platform out there.

He’s growing on YouTube, Pinterest, and Snap but hasn’t started generating revenue there. These are his investment channels.

Facebook is his emerging audience and revenue source. What strikes him about the platform is how transactionally valuable the audience might be.

There's an older crowd on Facebook that I can't tap into on TikTok and Instagram…and that crowd seems to engage a lot more.

It seems like that crowd is looking for something out of it as well, like they usually ask me:

Do I have a cookbook coming out?

How can they find my recipes?

When am I gonna publish something?

What do I have for sale?

He doesn’t have any data on how well they’d convert if he put out a cookbook (a future project of his), but he continues to invest there because:

The hope is that when you do release it, you'll get the results that you're looking for.

Instagram is Emmanuel’s #2 audience source, though it’s equal in revenue generated to his #1 - TikTok.

He started out on TikTok, then focused on growing Instagram. Once he broke through there, he moved on to other platforms.

His strategy for Instagram growth is a clever one:

So operationally, what I do is I post my video on TikTok and Instagram, and…what I do on TikTok is say in my captions that my recipe will be posted on Instagram.

Why is this clever? He’s leveraging one piece of content to create a waterfall of value with 3 steps:

1) Monetize Reach - Get maximum reach on the platform with the best views-based revenue (TikTok).

For monetization, TikTok in my experience has been better by far, especially with their new rollout on longer form videos.

He’s referencing TikTok’s new Creativity Program, which (as we heard last week from Bryan the Diamond) is paying Creators “like if you’re on YouTube”.

2) Move the audience - Emmanuel gives people a reason to rewatch the same video on a different platform, by putting the recipe in the caption on IG only.

I realized that people won't follow me for the same content because what's the point of following me on Instagram if you're gonna get the same content on TikTok?

In order to differentiate, I had to add something more, give a little bit more value.

People know that Creators tend to post the same videos between TikTok and IG Reels, and since TikTok drives more discovery, it’s often hard to move followers over.

Emmanuel has circumvented this issue by giving a very clear value proposition to follow him and view his content on Instagram - the recipes.

3) Monetize engagement - The people who end up following Emmanuel on Instagram are more engaged than on TikTok - they came because they wanted more.

They're more interested in trying the food, rating the food, trying to figure out what they can make for their families or, you know, husband or wife throughout the week. So they take that a little bit more seriously - not only the entertainment aspect, but “How can I apply this to my daily life?”

Remember - Emmanuel’s Instagram is equal to his TikTok as a revenue source, but has just a seventh the following. That’s because:

1) brands spend more on Instagram per-follower, and

2) his audience on Instagram is much more engaged than the more passive feed-based audience on TikTok.

The Stack

Link in Bio - Linktree

I saw a lot of the top Creators using it, and I thought to myself:

“If they like it, I'm gonna use it as well.”

And it's been really great. There's great metrics for it. You can have a subscriber list with Linktree as well. Notifications, where people get notified every time you add a new link…it's so simple to use that I didn't feel like I had to try and experiment with anything else.

Email - Linktree

I don't use [email] often because I understand what it's like to receive a lot of emails…I don't wanna bombard them to the point where they unsubscribe.

Community - Instagram Broadcast

Emmanuel is the first Creator I’ve met who uses Instagram Broadcast to manage his community, and he’s happy with it, as it enables him to collate an even more deeply engaged subset of his already-engaged Instagram following.

They wanna know what I'm up to, the products I'm working on. They have input…I cater content to those people because I know that they take it a little bit more seriously.

Merch - Spring

I think we spoke to four different people about merch…what we liked about Spring is:

1) there was really no upfront cost to get started, and

2) I didn't have to hold a bunch of the inventory at home - like purchase a thousand shirts and then try to sell it…

They had an in-house designer that worked hand-in-hand with me, they would do all the printing, all the shipping, they took care of all the tax work and everything.

Emmanuel is proud of his merch, but it’s not a huge share of his revenue, largely because he doesn’t promote it.

I think I could make more money if I promoted it, but I think in the world of Creators and influencers now, everyone seems like they're selling something all the time.

I'm OK not pushing it that much, and letting people organically purchase it, because I'm already doing so many other things that I'm passionate about with brands.

Affiliates - Amazon

While Emmanuel’s kitchen is full of products his followers might want, he’s focused on the food and not the tools to make the food.

In the beginning, just like my merch, I was pushing that a lot, but I realized it's not making enough - due to the percentage of affiliates - to bombard my followers with that every single day.

If it was enough, I would probably promote it more, but I'm saving my energy, once again, for things that are probably going to be more meaningful.

Often, the tools that interest his viewers (like steam ovens and produce blenders) are hundreds of dollars, so he doesn’t get a ton of impulse-based sales.

Finances - CPA + Financial Planner + American Express + Providence Credit Union + Bank of America + Wells Fargo

I have a CPA and I have a financial planner. Obviously my CPA handles everything tax wise. I'm making sure that my corporation isset up the right way to make sure I'm paying the least amount of taxes, because the SBA tells me it's not about how much I can make, it's about how much I can keep.

Distribution - Jellysmack + Direct-to-platform

I haven't seen the growth that I was looking for as far as YouTube…

I'm hoping that after we, you know, get some things cleared out and really go over the data, that we can figure out a solution on how to really get it up and running. But as of right now, I would say that the improvement isn't drastic. It's probably on par with what I could have potentially done on my own. But then again, I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do it…

I think it's worth a lot if you're getting the results that you want because I wasn't able to do it on my own in a year of me posting on YouTube. So I'm curious to see what they can do.

Operations - Him and his wife

Production - iPhone + CapCut

It's like I'm in the moment. I'm usually at the grocery store every single day. I'm making different content every single day. And it's not as organized as I would want it to be, but we'll get some standard operating procedures in place and hopefully build a team around us in the near future.

Project Management - Whalar

Representation - Whalar

Emmanuel is really happy with his manager (Megan Frantz) at Whalar.

I would say it was probably one of the best decisions I made, because I wouldn't be able to handle all the contracts and negotiate the back and forth of brands.

It would totally take away from the fun of being a content creator…that's really where you get that burnout, if you're handling the whole business.

I think you need a team of people to grow.

One of the biggest things I realized about brands is that a lot of the bigger brands, they go to agencies to find talent…like NFL and MLB or Sub-Zero Wolf…I mean I wouldn’t even know how to get in contact with people like that…

So I do believe that Whalar has been a big part of my success, simply because they have a network of people that they have access to that I don't have access to.

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