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The Coolest Ideation Tactic I've Seen a Creator Use

Why Tejas Hullur does it this way, where he got the idea, and how he executes effectively!

Tejas Hullur’s model to brainstorm ideas is a fascinating one - a weekly think tank featuring 5 of his smartest, most creative, most driven fans. Here’s why he’s doing it, where he got the idea, and how he executed.

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I knew ideas are the most important thing, like you're much better off having a great idea and mediocre video than a mediocre idea and a great video, because a viewer’s going to click on the idea, and then we see who's going to watch the video. So I knew if ideas - literally ideas - are the most important thing, then I have to invest in ideas themselves.


I didn't come up with the idea, I should say that I stole it from Ryan Trahan and Eric Decker…They were the first two that I thought had this idea, but I think it should be more popular. I think it'll create a really cool ecosystem, like I can see myself being in Ryan Trahan’s think tank, I can see like a big creator being in a smaller creator's think tank, just because it's really 1 hour a week and you're creating this whole cool synergy map.


My process was: I put on an Instagram story - again, Instagram's my top 10% fan base - I put on an Instagram story where I said “Hey, if you're interested in being in a producer role…give me a really quality email.”

I had 70 people email me. Out of the 70, 35 of them are like “Hey, I can make cool ideas. Let me join” and I'm like ”These people didn't give me a quality email” so I was left at 35 of them.

Then I created a Google form in which I basically asked them 3 kind of deep questions, like “What is the biggest lesson you've learned”, “What is the thing that I'm doing wrong”. Roast my brand, be as blunt as possible. “Give me an example idea.” I wanted to make sure that these answers were great, so out of the 35, I selected 20, to interview with, and out of the 20, I picked 5.

They meet with me once a week, come up with ideas, help me formulate ideas, and structure videos.

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