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  • $10M + #1 on OnlyFans with ZERO social following - the GENIUS of Bryce Adams!

$10M + #1 on OnlyFans with ZERO social following - the GENIUS of Bryce Adams!

PayPal and Cash App shutdowns, achieving 10 million likes, and building a multi-million dollar NSFW business

The Creator: Bryce Adams

PayPal shut us down and will never open us again. Cash app shut us down and will never open us again. I don't even sell anything on those apps, I was paying people for promotions, which is the funny thing!

Bryce Adams

Bryce Adams holds the title of the most liked and followed OnlyFans Creator in the world. With an active fan base of over 950,000 fans, Bryce recently hit over 10 million likes on the platform - the first creator ever to do so. After just two years on the platform, she’s generated over $10 Million in sales - the vast majority of which were made without any social media following whatsoever!

Bryce and her boyfriend / business partner, Jay, have a unique approach to building an NSFW content business in the Creator Economy. It’s complex, data-driven, and borrows elements from e-commerce, content marketing, and data science. They run a team of 20 people producing adult content, running ROI-positive paid customer acquisition campaigns, managing a multi-million-scale community, and building proprietary software that sits across and enables all of it.

This is the most interesting Creator Logic conversation yet!

Quick thank you to Eric Wei from Karat, who introduced me to Bryce and Jay! They use Karat because much of the traditional financial ecosystem is - to paraphrase Bryce - 10x worse to adult content creators than it is to regular content creators (and it’s pretty rough for regular content creators). Kudos to Eric and Karat for running a truly creator-first business with creator-first values.

DISCLAIMER: Given Bryce and Jay are OnlyFans creators, certain elements of this article may not be suitable for children (though I will say - we focus on the business, not the content).

With that out of the way - let’s get into it!

The Business


We're closing right in on the $10,000,000 mark gross on the platform in a touch over 2 years, and we're right at $900,000 in revenue from the socials that we can directly track.

If you ever wondered what OnlyFans creators mean when they talk about what percentage they are on the platform, instead of a specific ranking or number of followers - here it is:

OnlyFans will grade you or put you in a percentage based on your rolling thirty days. We're in the top 0.01% of all creators.

So, if you picked a perfectly random sample of 10,000 accounts, we would be number one.

The more you know….


*Warning - Links may contain content not safe for work or children.


The first thing Bryce Adams said in our interview was:

Well, our socials at this point are 6-7 months old, but we've been on OnlyFans for 2+ years…so we started it without any social presence or following, which is rather unconventional.

I knew then that this would be an interesting conversation. See, Bryce and Jay aren’t your conventional creators. They built a successful business before OnlyFans:

We had a previous business. Bryce and I started a business right out of high school, like an e-commerce business. It did okay, we got it to a couple million in revenue, and an okay net profit margin. So we had some cash. We had the funds to put in.

So when they launched on OnlyFans without a single social follower, they already had resources and know-how to apply. They approached their adult content business from a completely different angle than 99.9% of OnlyFans creators do, by applying an e-commerce mindset rather than a Creator mindset.

We had the funds to put in so instead of doing the conventional shout-for-shout or share-for-share, we just said “we'll just pay you to post us,” because we wanted to keep our page and our real estate super focused.

We didn't really do any cross-promotion, not really any collaborations, much more like - we would come to you, and you have 20,000 people, and we'd say “cool, here's five hundred bucks to post me for four days” (I made up those numbers).

So we just built a whole ecosystem out of that because we did a ton of testing early on after we got our product right, our brand right, all that and then we did a ton of testing as far as which marketing worked and that seemed to work for us.

So we just we were getting 9:1 on every dollar that we spent, and we were getting our dollar back in like a week, so we were just like “well, let's spend as much as we can”.

So we doubled down and just kept doing that, so that's where most of our growth came from.

I found this approach surprising because there’s an opportunity-cost problem to getting Creators to promote that would make generating ROI difficult. Here’s why:

  • A creator has to judge the ROI of a paid post against the ROI of an organic post; for a Creator to take compensation to post for someone else (brand, Creator, or otherwise), that comp has to be worth more than the benefit of doing an organic post (this is called “opportunity cost”).

  • That benefit could be cash, views, new audience, or just relationship capital (aka a favor).

  • In the case of OnlyFans, where transactional content makes up the bulk of revenue, that ROI is measurable in cash. If a creator promotes a piece of paid content to 10,000 people, they probably have some sense of how much money they’ll make.

  • Promoting someone else’s content, then, needs to make them more money than promoting their own content.

  • If Bryce and Jay have to spend enough that the Creator they’re promoting through will make more from the check written than from an organic post, then that means Bryce and Jay need to make EVEN MORE than the promoting creator would from an organic post to make the promo investment ROI positive.

Are you following? They’d need to make more money from another OF creator promoting to that creator’s audience than that creator would themselves.

And they do!!! That 9:1 ROI ratio is wild! This blew my mind, and their thesis on why it worked was very simple:

I authentically believe that we make the best content, the best experience, we have the best product, the best service, on the platform.

I'm sure there are a few that have their way of going about it. That's kind of like, you know, pick which fast food restaurant you love more. They're both fast food or some sort of analogy there. We know a few people's pages that are very nicely run, but our product and our service, all the way down from the aesthetics to the authenticity, that's big.

We started from the beginning like “we're never going to lie on anything.” So when we tell someone that something crazy is happening, they have been trained to rightfully know that we're telling the truth and so we get a ton of engagement.

Some girls are like “I would rather not make much content, I would much rather be a promo page” so then they will actually push and turn and burn. A lot of girls will put 8 or 9 of them on their page. We’ve put 0 people on our page ever. There's definitely a few things where you go “hey, we're 10 times better in this area, but then there's also a ton of areas where it's just 10% better, 10% better, 10% better, 27 times in a row and it really adds up to be a big meaningful difference at the end of it.

We've seen a lot of data and we are converting 2x, 3x, 4x the LTV compared to what others are doing.

Here’s my takeaway from their response:


They are able to generate higher ROI than the Creators they’re marketing through because their product is, simply, better.

  • They deliver on the promises of their promotion, unlike the many clickbait title hackers who get viewers to watch but underdeliver on the content - a problem that extends beyond OnlyFans onto YouTube and other content platforms

  • They produce more content than their peers, so there’s always something new and fresh for their fans to transact on. This is a necessity to retain viewers in the adult content space.

  • They focus on incremental quality improvements wherever they can, and recognize that being better in many small ways can add up into a huge competitive advantage.

The last takeaway for today is this: organic social audiences do yield higher ROI and average spend, at least for Bryce and Jay; however, they still make the majority of their money from customers acquired through paid means.

Let's call it 25% - kind of an average - they spend 25% more than the paid acquisition fan. But I would challenge it a little bit, I don't know which is true. Are they more engaged, are they more interested, or is it that kind of chicken and egg? Someone who's willing to go that far down the rabbit hole to sign up? I think another thing is happening where they're already on OnlyFans, they're kind of OnlyFans’ customer first, and then your customer second, whereas if they see you on socials and then go to you, they're probably a little more your customer first and OnlyFans’ customer second. Now, of course, they end up converting to some degree to a platform customer, and you know that’s OnlyFans’ business model, but I think those are kind some of the mechanics and psychologies going on there.

Lightening Round

  • #1 tool to save time and money?

The one we built in house which we call which we call The Tool.

  • With free money, who would you hire?

Someone who could replace one of us, like a really really killer ops person. We have some really good ones, but like someone who's on the next level would probably help quite a bit. We have the money. It's just a matter of like - we don't have the skill or time to find them and hire them.

  • Biggest risk to the business?

Probably OnlyFans wanting to stop the sale of adult content.

  • What’s contributing most to your growth?

Our advertising system is second to none. That's where all the people come from.

My mission is to enable millions of people to benefit from the emergence of the Creator Economy. I believe that the more successful both Creators and the companies that serve Creators are, the better off humankind will be.

If you’d like to work with me directly, book a session.

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The Stack

In The Stack for Bryce Adams, we go deep on:

  • The capabilities of “The Tool”, their proprietary analytics and community management platform

  • How the OnlyFans agency system works and why they are building for themselves

  • The composition and philosophical approach of their team

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The Stack

Content and Community Management

Membership, Community, & Transactions - OnlyFans

We never really looked at Patreon, because they’re not friendly to not safe for work.

Discord - I just never got into Discord, I've heard rumblings and I know different girls, different people use that quite a bit. So hopefully that's just an untapped resource we have yet to get into.

Past that, we did look at some of these other platforms but they didn't really have much of a fanbase or notoriety.

As far as community, Telegram probably is the biggest, especially creator-to-creator. There's a lot there and we've thought about trying to build a little bit more of a community with our fanbase there.

Customer Acquisition - Paid Social Advertising + Proprietary Software

Data & Analytics - Proprietary Software

The most mind-blowing part of Bryce and Jay’s operation, to me, is the extent to which they’ve built their own proprietary toolset. That includes connecting to OnlyFans’ API and, to some extent, hacking it to get access to otherwise unavailable data, improve their attribution for paid customer acquisition, manage their thousands of customer chats, and even track and deploy various content SKUs into chat to drive sales in real time.

We have an entire software suite that we’ve built in-house…OnlyFans gives you nothing, there’s no API, so we have to really do a lot to build those tools.

We have it automatically tracking all of our advertising links, and we've never come across someone who knows how to do that. A few people think they know how to do it but the math is wrong, and I can prove it. There’s certain conditions in which OnlyFans excludes or includes links that actually don't give you the correct picture, and they only recently added that. So we can track all our links specifically, we know where “Joe” came from. We can attribute that back to the specific piece of advertising so we know which advertising is profitable, which isn't. We have some algorithms running to detect when someone sells us bots and fake accounts….

So we have a whole sprayer system that pulls in all the data possible in real time, sorts it, and puts into SQL. We sort and pipe it from there into GSheets, into a custom template that we made so we can check daily on all our metrics, and that’s probably just half of it.

Community and Content Management - Proprietary Software

Bryce and Jay’s team has built a sophisticated community management toolset that enables a small team of 5 people to manage tens of thousands of fans through a revenue-generation funnel at any given time.

And they did it - again - by “hacking” OnlyFans, which has no outlet to enable this sort of sophistication, not even an API.

This is the sort of sophistication you usually see in e-commerce businesses; they’re taking the same principles and tools and applying them to the adult Creator space, to great effect.

We have an entire chatting system. It pulls up the entire chat log history which, trust me, is a big deal because OnlyFans takes a long time to load. It pulls it up in a second.

We have presets, so if you just came on the page, we might have an intro message that we can just click a button make sure it applies. You know, do a couple little tweaks, make sure it applies, because we always want to authentically be answering each individual thing.

It has all of our content uploaded, with inventory, with their own unique inventory SKUs, all searchable. So if you're talking about how you love chairs, I can say “chairs” and it'll bring up the 18 videos that have the word “chair” in the description. I click on this one because it makes the most sense. and it automatically uploads the sales pitch, the price, the media locks it, and I just hit the send button and then it tracks it once it is purchased - so it adds that person to exclusion list.

So we never spam fans with the same offer twice. We have some streaming tech that brings in streams from three pages into one central place so we can manage comments, tips, etc. We can connect to Wifi controlled devices in the room and connect that to fans’ tips and commands…Again, basic stuff you've seen on Twitch. It's just that's there’s zero to be found in this industry. We have auto-fulfillers - if someone sends a keyword in the DM, it'll respond with whatever we want to respond with when we’re running promotions or we want to give out free stuff to people who are engaged on the page.

Business Management

Credit Card - Karat

Eric Wei from Karat introduced me to Bryce and Jay, so big shout out here to Karat. Financial services are hard to come by for adult content creators, and Karat isn’t afraid to provide a credit card and other services to creators who need it! This is not sponsored content 🙂 

PayPal shut us down and will never open us again. Cash app shut us down and will never open us again. I don't even sell anything on those apps, I was paying people for promotions, which is the funny thing!

Eric started Karat because Creators are having problems with you know, banking, mortgages, whatever the case may be, financial instruments. Well, now imagine it being not safe for work creators - just times the problems by 10. There's probably a massive market opportunity there.

Finances - Bryce + Bookkeeper

We came from a business background, so we already had some existing knowledge. I've done our books since I was 17, but I reluctantly just gave them to a bookkeeper like three weeks ago.



Representation - N/A

  • OnlyFans has a unique agency system, where the “agencies” are actually more like studio businesses that handle everything from content production to distribution strategy, pricing, chatting with fans (hugely lucrative), and more.

  • These run the gamut from highly professional teams of marketing experts to sketchy offshore “e-pimps”.

They can't do it as good as us. The data kind of proves it… now again, if any agencies are watching, I got nothing but love for you. We’re friends with a lot of you. And their business model makes sense. But they can't take one girl to the absolute peak. We have the ability and the desire to take take our situation to it’s absolute peak.

If they have 50 people to manage, it’s not possible. They can't put the best people on every single account every single time; that doesn't mean it's not an awesome deal for that model or creator. I'm not saying that they don't provide value in the marketplace. That creator might only be able to take herself to $50 grand, and they might be able to go:

“Hey, we got you to a hundred grand and we're gonna take 15% or 20% for getting you to that hundred grand - so you made $30 grand more!”

In our case, we have the ability to take ourselves to one fifty and not pay a percentage. We'll build it and the stuff that we've built so far in this industry seems to be pretty top notch.

Given how good they are at growing a viewer/customer base and generating revenue from those customers, a logical next step might be to launch an agency of their own. When asked about that:

We have some very interesting people reaching out to us because of how transparent and authentic we are…Just for their sakes, I don't want to cross these lines, but like Safe-for-Work influencers who you would know.

You could look them up and see they got millions of followers on X popular platform, and they want to get into OnlyFans or whatever the case may be, and instead of an agency that has some bad press about them wants to take 25%, we're just cool to collab. We'll just collab, and I don't know, maybe we'll run all your stuff exactly how you want for 10%, and we don't need any contracts.

We know what we do is working month to month, here's all the logins, here's all the dashboards, you don't like something then delete it. It's your business. We have such a different attitude that we're actually getting a lot of interest on that level. So we're very much trying to figure out.

Content Production - In-House Team

Their social content approach is interesting because they shirk the usual “Instagram model wearing revealing clothing in seductive poses” model for much cleaner, more fitness-oriented content. Their observation is that by taking this approach, they actually create MORE demand for the NSFW content.

We keep our social media content clean. The riskiest thing we'll do is she'll put on a bikini and go work out. We have a gym right in the backyard. Or she'll do pullups from the back with no shirt on. But honestly, that’s bodybuilder stuff. It’s all kind of fitness content. So we never get into the whole nip slip stuff that everybody does. We keep it pretty Safe-for-Work. Pretty wholesome, all things considered.

So I suspect that helps…I'm just gonna say “algorithm” - I kind of hate that word - but I think it helps the algorithm a little bit. I think it creates that kind of tension in the fan. They really want to see more because they’re not seeing it here. so that is something a little bit different we do there as well.

  • 2 social media managers (content creation + planning)

  • 1 NSFW content editor

Community Management - In-House Team

  • 5 chatters

We have 700,000 fans on the page. I said from the beginning: “Let's be 100% honest.”

She physically can't answer that many messages. So, what we actually do is, we have a chatting team - which some people do, but what we do very different is we literally tell the fans “here here's our chatting team.”

We introduce them to the chatting team. Our chatting team has their own pages with their own content, almost all safe for work, so they can get to know who they're chatting with.

Every message starts with “Hey, this is hey this is so and so,” and every one of them is two hundred feet that way in our building. They’re our real-life friends, so we keep it super experiential. Super authentic.


Operations & Marketing - In-House Team

  • 5 people running paid advertising for customer acquisition

  • 1 webmaster

  • 2 developers

  • 2 operations managers

  • 1 executive assistant

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